On this website you can find all about the Union in the Source of Spirituality method, which is meant for everyone, without any necessary spiritual foreknowledge. The method itself is divided so that the first part – ACTIVATION – is meant for everyone, and after going through a single activation you can freely participate in daily regenerating long-distance energy activations, which are always performed by several people. The second part teaches a training for healers, where you learn how to continually work on yourself and others, and it can be used “solely” for one’s own “self-growth”. 

In the “Offers” section, there is information about our current or future books and how to order them.

Besides the Union method, we offer workshops in Feng Shui, Numerology, Reiki and original workshops for self-growth by Maya. Offers also include information about consultations, sessions, schedules and information about the group leaders, Union method practitioners with their respective extra offers. Each practitioner works independently.

The whole method is always done through the two of us (Maya&Vladimir), no matter who is leading it.


“LIFE IN PRACTICE… The Beginning of Harmony” – manual for self-improvement without wasting any time.


'Union in the 'Source of Spirituality'


Union, Spiritual workshops by Maya, Feng Shui School, Numerology, Reiki